mbDesktop - RDP client for iPad


mbDesktop is a Remote Desktop Client for Windows Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services), that allows you to view and control your  Windows Desktop with your iPad.



  1. 1.Tap controls for mouse drag & drop, left, right and double click.

  2. 2.On screen pop-up touchpad  for easy mouse control.

  3. 3.On screen pop-up control keypad for all of the control, direction and function keys.

  4. 4.Supports the standard iPad keyboard for text entry.

  5. 5.Supports full screen resolution.

  6. 6.Supports both portrait and landscape mode.

  7. 7.Zoom and pan the remote desktop screen.

  8. 8.Advanced connection options to optimize the performance for your network environment.

  9. 9.Add/Edit/Delete an unlimited number of predefined connections.

  10. 10. Connect through WIFI or cellular data network.

  11. 11. Compatible with the iPad's built-in VPN for secure access.

Screen shots:

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