iTouchNote for iPad


Imagine that you've just been possessed with a brilliant idea or a burst of creativity and you're desperate to let it out, but there's not a single pen or scrap of paper to be found. You cast your eyes one last time about your surroundings, and just as you're about to give up, they finally come to a rest upon your iPad. A sudden spark of hope lights up as you remember the application you had downloaded just the night before, the perfect solution to your intense need for an outlet... iTouchNote.

Scribble notes, sketches, diagrams, or even paint elaborate pictures on whatever background you choose, the possibilities are endless!.


  1. 1.Write or draw notes on touch screen.

  2. 2.Home screen like interface for easy note management and browsing.

  3. 3.Select a background from solid colours, stocked notepaper, or your photo album.

  4. 4.Send the note via email.

  5. 5.Print the note via an AirPrint enabled printer.

  6. 6.Save the note to your photo album.

Screen shots: