WiFi remote control for Windows


Trying to navigate a tiny cursor on a large screen TV to find the applications and files you want to use can be time-consuming and frustrating sometimes. Looking for something easier?

Try AppRemote!

AppRemote is a WiFi wireless remote control application that displays the items on Windows quick launch bar and five customizable folders on your device. To customize the folders, simply go to the receiver application settings and change default folder locations to any other folders you wish. Default folder locations are: My Documents, My Photos, My Music, My Videos, and My Favourites.

Now with only a few taps, you can effortlessly jump to and start up your favorite applications and files on your Windows PC!



  1. 1.Remotely launch applications on WinXP/Vista quick launch bar.

  2. 2.Remotely launch applications pinned on Windows 7 task bar.

  3. 3.Remotely start up files from five customizable folders.

  4. 4.WiFi touchpad with three buttons and multi-touch support. Two finger right clicking and two finger vertical scrolling.

  5. 5.Keyboard with function keys (F1~F12), arrow keys, page up/down, tab, home, end, insert, and delete keys.

  6. 6.System volume control.

  7. 7.Remotely shutdown your computer.

  8. 8.Optional password protection.

Application requirements:

  1. 1.iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

  2. 2.Any PC or laptop running WinXP/Vista/Windows7.

  3. 3.Your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and the remote computer must be on the same subnet.

  4. 4.The receiver application needs to be downloaded and installed on your PC.

Download receiver application for your computer:

Screen shots: